Thank you for visiting my website!  The music here will run the gamut.  Influences from blues to hard rock, acoustic, and beyond are represented in the songs.

My first offering is the EP titled Time And Again!  This record was a chance for me to finally record some of my favorite original songs  in a professional manor and I had an absolute blast doing it!  It's bluesy rock music with plenty of guitar.  In fact, that's a must for all my music... plenty of guitar.

The next full length project is an album currently being recorded called Bloodwork.  It's a proggy, heavy rock/metal album that takes the listener on a journey from depravity to salvation.

My hope is that listeners will get a sense of optimism and hope from all of my songs... as well as some good guitar solos.

Please download and enjoy any of the free music here.  If one of the preview songs catch your ear, know that I greatly appreciate your purchase! 

Thank you again,



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Photos courtesy of

Curtis Gregory Drogmiller

Chris Scarlette @ chrisscarlettphotography.com

Cindy Boron

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